PhD Programme in “International Studies” UNIVERSITY OF TRENTO, ITALY

About the University of Trento, Italy

The University of Trento is an Italian University founded in 1962 as Higher University Institute for social sciences. It is  situated in Trento of Italy adjacent to Rovereto. It is well known for its contribution towards department of Didactics, Research and International relations according to the Italian Ministry of Education. The University has various departments including Civil, Environmental and Mechanical engineering, Economics and Management, Faculty of Law, Humanities, Industrial engineering, Information engineering and Computer science, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology and Cognitive science, Sociology and Social science.

About the Phd Programme

Doctorates are the highest qualifications awarded by the Italian University system. The Doctoral programme in International Studies focuses on complexity of international phenomena, which can be analyzed with the help of various interdisciplinary subjects.

Number of positions: 6

Number of 3-year grants: 6

Scholarship :

  • 5 scholarship funded by the University of Trento
  • 1 grant financed by the National Research Council (CNR)
  • The scholarship is provided for 3 years (€13638.47 per year) subject to satisfactory scrutiny of the progress.

Start of the Academic Year: November 1, 2020

Duration of the course: 3 years

Official Language: English

Deadline for application: 21 may 2020, 16:00 Italian time

For more details of the programme apply below.

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PhD Programme in “International Studies” UNIVERSITY OF TRENTO, ITALY